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Chantier Palais de l'Île 2016

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Chantier Palais de l'Île 2016

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The Center for Urban Interpretation

In 1325, this stronghold was first mentioned as a prison, which is no doubt the longest and most continuous function of the Palais de l’Ile. It simultaneously housed other activities linked to court life, for instance the Counting House and the Palais de justice (law court) from which it got its name - “Palais de l’Ile” - in the 16th century.

In 1944, the Palais de l’Ile featured a museum presenting the history of the town of Annecy. An emblematic and symbolic building, it officially became the Center for Architectural and Urban Interpretation in 1999. The Center invites visitors to discover exhibitions on local, regional, and international architectural movements, in order to better understand the urban environment. On the ground floor, you will learn about the history of this exceptional building and can visit several of the former jail cells of the old prison.