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Territory of the Urban Community of Annecy

Between lake, plains and mountains, the territory of the Urban Community of Annecy, now composed of 13 towns, has a trade and passage history. A first urban center appears in the first century BC with the village of Boutae, a vicus installed in the Fins plain. It is surrounded by a group of Roman farms that underpin the structure of the territory of the Middle Ages that saw the creation of two successive settlements: those of Annecy-le-Vieux and Annecy-le-Neuf, the current Annecy.

Until the late 18th century, the urban territory barely crossed the boundaries of the medieval town of Annecy. Around the villages and places masterpieces are dispersed in a rural area where some industries become established in the 19th century. The meeting of Savoy to France in 1860 and development from the 1910s industrial and tourist economies rely the main characteristics of the territory into the 21st century. The heritage image of the older districts is widely recognized. The most singular heritage of the territory is still to discover.

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